Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a webcam model?

First, you must be over 18 years old. You should be open-minded and feel comfortable in front of the camera. You need to fill out the application form, provide us with your ID, and a picture of you holding the ID. It is completely free to join. There are no application fees or any other additional costs to get started.

How much money I will be making?

Your income depends on how many hours you are willing to put in and how much of a good performer you are. Realistically, you can be making $1000 – $5000 per week. You income increases drastically over time with experience. We suggest you not to get discouraged at the beginning. Over time you will acquire regular customers. If you are a great performer, the information about you will spread and you will be getting more customers and they will be coming online to see you specifically. The possibilities are limitless.

Is my private information and identity kept private?

Yes. The information you submit is used to verify your identity and prove that you are over 18. It will be also used to set up payments to you.

Is it safe to be a webcam model?

It is very safe as you are working from the comfort of your home. However, as a safety precaution, we suggest you NOT to share any personal information, including your full name, e-mail, phone number, home address. We are not going to be held responsible for any consequences if you choose to share your personal information with the customer.

Can I block people from being able to see me on the webcam modeling websites?

Yes, you can block countries or US states of your choice. People in this countries will not be able to find your profile.

Can my videos be recorded?

You videos are protected from downloading. The video can only be streamed. The streaming at the same time is encrypted.

How often and how would I get paid as a webcam model?

You will be paid every week. You can choose any method of payment you prefer: Check, Direct Deposit, AlertPay, Payoneer, MoneyGram, Paxum,

Do I have to look like a supermodel to become a webcam model?

Not at all. Your personality and enthusiasm are much more important and appreciated by a customer in webcam modeling business.

How do webcam models receive tips?

A webcam model can receive tip in an Open Chat, Private Show, and/or “Party Chart through the Gift system.

Will webcam modeling show up in my background check?

No. You will be paid as an independent contractor. Web camera modeling will not be mentioned anywhere.

Where can I work from?

You can work from a location of your choice.

Are webcam modeling jobs legal?

Webcam modeling job are completely legal in most of the countries. However if you are not sure, you should seek legal advice first.